Who We Are

The Project: This project is an effort to bring more scientific data and climate change science into high school classrooms. The collaboration emerged out of a grant we were on from the National Science Foundation’s GK-12 program. This was a program that placed graduate students in the natural science in high school and middle school classrooms.

Adam Wymore: I am currently a PhD candidate at Northern Arizona University  in the lab of Dr. Jane Marks. My research is primarily focused on stream ecosystems. Specifically, I study how variation in leaf litter (e.g. leaf chemistry) affects stream ecosystems including carbon cycling and bacterial and fungal communities. I completed my M.S. in Biology at California State University, Sacramento and my B.A. in Biology at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. I am also a former high school science teacher and creating this webpage allowed me to combine my two of professional and academic interests: scientific research and science education.

Jeff Meilander: I have a M.A. in Science Teaching from Northern Arizona University and a B.S. in Secondary Life Science Education from Ohio University.  In Ohio, I substituted for public and private schools, helped develop an after school program for children with autism, and coached ice hockey.  I then moved to Cottonwood, Arizona and worked for Mingus Union High School teaching Earth Science and Lab Skills where I also won the Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year Award for Yavapai County and was voted teacher of the month by Mingus students.

In 2007, I moved to Flagstaff to pursue a master’s degree and taught anatomy and physiology labs for Northern Arizona University.  Upon graduating, I was hired at Northland Preparatory Academy teaching AP Environmental Science, Biology, and 7th grade general science.  I have also advised NAU practicum students, and worked with colleagues to implement the Physics First program into the science curriculum.  I am currently starting a non profit, The Flagstaff EcoRanch, and will teach for NAU and Coconino Community College in the Fall. 


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